About Us

Open Source Solutions for Small Business

BDO Web Technologies was founded on the premise that today's internet is more powerful, and more available than ever for small businesses.  The reason, in our opinion, is the advent of open source software solutions.  Much of the internet today is run on open source web servers and software.  Our goal is to put technology to work in a cost-effective and flexible way for our clients.  All of our solutions possess

Global Expertise: Leveraging a worldwide community of developers

User Friendly: Designed to operate with little or no need for ongoing IT support.

Flexible: With available plugins and themes to choose from.

Proven: Used by the biggest and best companies in the world.

Cost-Effective: With no up front licensing fees.

We have seen it work.  Our experience includes integration of custom applications with all of the following web software languages, design prototypes, foundations, frameworks, and tools.



BDO Technologies began as the business umbrella for the software development efforts of its founder, Martin Dwyer. His efforts in web design and development began in the mid 1990's when designers used tools such as Microsoft Front Page and proprietary design software like Yahoo SiteBuilder. 

While working for an industry leading web development company, Martin was helping a well-known writer with her blog, the author suddenly declared in frustration; “I just can’t find anyone anywhere interested in taking over the technology side of this.”  She continued “I can write, but I just stink at all this internet stuff!”  Today, BDO operates with this writer, and millions of small businesses like them, in mind.

In its earliest form, BDO Technologies operated as a licensed reseller of GoDaddy products and services.  While assistance in web hosting is offered to our design and development clients, BDO no longer actively engages in the web hosting business. 

BDO offers open source solutions for website development, social media marketing, and email marketing.  BDO also participates in open source software development projects.

Open Source Case Study: WordPress

Our most commonly used open-source partner is the content management system known as WordPress.  WordPress offers a open source website solution that provides clients many advantages, including the free base product and freedom from any ongoing licensing or fees to use the latest version.  As of February 2017, WordPress was being used by more than 27.4% of the top 10 million websites, supporting more than 60 million websites total.  Global companies use WordPress for their website development, including The Walt Disney Company and Time Inc... read more