BDO Technologies is committed to open-source software solutions.  Our open-source focus is based on client benefits:

  1. License Free.  It's license free, leaving the client completely in charge of the software that supports their needs.
  2. Secure.  It's secure, giving the client 100% control over monitoring, access, and modifications to the source code.
  3. Flexible.  It's flexible, providing integration opportunities with other web platforms like Twitter, FaceBook and LinkedIn.
  4. Cost Effective.  It's free, with open source software models being obtained and maintained through public domain OSS communities.
  5. Portable.  It's portable, allowing the client to expand or change software team or web hosting platform at any time with minimal interruption.

We have included a more comprehensive background page related to open source software.  our website offers resources for sharing and discussion. If you're new to open source software, you might enjoy the introduction offered in the video below.  More than anything, the video below displays very clearly the importance of community in open source development:


So then we know that a truly open source environment is one where; (1) all have access to the source code, (2) developers share concepts in new ideas and remixing of open source components, (3) the sharing of ideas in community leads to better solutions, and (4) the combined efforts of the community lead to higher software and security standards. The following video gives an overview of various ways that open-source developers can get involved in community.  If you're a programmer looking for solutions, or to get involved, you might want to go further and explore of storehouse of programming solutions, our codex.



When you think of the word codex, you might think of ancient classic manuscripts, scrolls or texts.  You would in fact be correct.  But the meaning of the word codex goes well beyond that of ancient manuscripts.  The original Latin meaning of the word codex is "a form of list, or listing, a database containing an ordered array of items (names or topics).  This latter meaning has gained momentum in the software world.   At, for example, you will find a comprehensive listing of support items for WordPress, the leading open-source web content management system.

Here at BDO Web Technologies you will find a codex store house of various programming solutions.  Web Technologies take advantage of a wide range of programming languages including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Java, and Python.  Please visit our codex collection to review our latest offerings and watch here for a directory of our growing collections.